JD Wedding Lights

Lights For That Special Occassion

JD Prestige Cars has just invested a substantial amount of money to provide further products and services for Asian, Indian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh Weddings as opposed to just bridal car hire.

Introducing JD Lights; as we all know with most Asian weddings people love to decorate their houses with outdoor fancy lights to really tell the outside world that we have a wedding on.

To cater for this JD Lights has bought in some of the finest house wedding lights in the world. With super bright crystal, low voltage 24v LED bulbs, not only will you see these lights shine from over a mile away. The costs to run these lights are minimal.

Please dont mistake our lights for the normal christmas tree lights, the lights we use are the ones professionals use to light up palaces, town centres. concerts etc.

Have a look at some of the pictures of the lights below and call us on 07932672544 to obtain a quote or Contact Us .

Our wedding house lights come in a range of colours white, bluse, or multi-coloured with variable controls to include flashing, rotating, waterfalls, multiple shining, and a host of other patterns.

Make your house the showcase house on the street with our super wedding house lights, You will really have to go far to find a better product on the market.


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